Grow: Your own table

An investigation on how surprise can be elicited over the long term

“Grow: Your Own Table” is a table that helps you grow its own legs over a couple of years.

The table’s starts as a piece of machined bamboo with no legs, which serves as a pot for bamboo plants to grow.

After looking after the plant for a couple of years and once the stems of the bamboo are long and strong enough, the owner can decide to prune the bamboo, cut the stems to the right height to convert them into the legs of the table, turn it upside down and enjoy their unique coffee table.

“Grow: Your Own Table” is one of the compositions developed during Dr Edgar Rodriguez PhD research, which investigated strategies to elicit surprise through industrial design.

Design: Edgar Rodriguez

Research assistant: Rachel MacDonald

Video: Edgar Rodriguez and Szilard Ozorak

Models: Paul and Lisa

Music: Orchestra of Spheres

© edgar rodriguez 2014