Keep growing: Your own table

Version 2.0 of the Grow: Your Own Table series of experiments.

The bottom of the table uses a rough cut to emphasise the machining process used for its manufacture, the CNC router.

The form of the surface allows the roots of the bamboo to interlock with the table, creating a physical connection.

Keep growing: Your own table is the second prototype in the Grow: Your own table series of experiments.

The table starts as a flat surface upside down without legs. The owners grow bamboo shoots that interlock with the surface and look after them for a couple of years.

Once the bamboo is long and strong enough, the owner trims the bamboo, cuts it to leg length and turns the table the right way up, having a new coffee table.

The project questions where natural resources come from, whether people would emotionally appreciate their objects more if they grow them themselves, and whether surprise can be elicited over the long term through ongoing interactions.

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