An investigation into how surprise can be elicited over the long term.

Grow: Your own table

by edgar rodriguez

An investigation into how brainwaves can be used to produce unexpected and surprising forms and objects.

Visualising brainwaves in 3D

An application of a set of strategies to elicit surprise through industrial design.


PhD research that studied industrial design strategies to elicit surprise.

Elements of surprise

edgar rodriguez, phd, industrial designer

Version 2.0 of the Grow: Your Own Table series of experiments.

Keep growing: Your own table

A set of cards with strategies to use during the design process.

Industrial designers’ strategies to surprise

coming soon

the elements of surprise project

A collaboration with Studio Santachiara and FontanaArte to produce a surprising lamp.

Aurea lamp

Work addressing surprise by some talented students from Victoria University and international workshops led by Edgar.

Students’ projects addressing surprise

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